Consider the Following Things Before Applying for a Cash Back Credit Card

One of the advantages of using credit cards is that there are many discounted offers from several card issuers. But usually, these discounts do not apply all the time, the most frequent is when certain product promos, new merchant offers, or also before the holiday celebration. So, not every time you do a credit card transaction, you can get cashback or a discount.

If you want to always get cashback, there is good news

If you want to always get cashback, there is good news

At present, several credit card issuing banks have cashback credit card facilities. What is a cashback credit card? What are the benefits? And what should be considered if you want to apply for this cashback credit card? The full review below can answer your question above.

Because of the large profits and can provide cashback for every purchase, this one credit card product is increasingly being hunted by many people. But you should not rush to apply for a cashback credit card. Because although there are many advantages, there are 5 basic things that must be understood in depth like the following review.

Terms and Conditions Getting cashback

Before applying for a cashback credit card, you should first know the terms and conditions. Broadly speaking the terms and conditions for applying for a credit card that must be understood are, the amount of bank interest, what supporting documents must be prepared, minimum income for prospective cash back credit card holders, and annual fees.

By understanding the terms and conditions that apply, we will save time and energy when applying for a cashback credit card application.

Percentage of the amount of cashback per use

Percentage of the amount of cashback per use

Each credit card has a different amount of cashback from usage. Just choose the biggest percentage. This percentage affects the amount of money that can be saved every time a transaction. There are certain credit cards that provide cashback facilities for up to 25%, this can be one way to save money.

Minimum Transaction Limit for Cash Back

What must be recognized next is the minimum transaction limit that may be imposed. Each issuing bank has different provisions. For example, some provide a 25% cashback facility without a minimum transaction limit. But on the one hand, there are no price discounts.

Meanwhile, there are also provisions on transaction limits, for example, 6 million transactions for a 3% cashback, but provide a discounted price of tens of percent for betting transactions at certain merchants. the existence of this discounted price is one thing that really helps save money too. But keep in mind that the main benefit of a cashback credit card is the cashback requirement for each transaction anytime and anywhere.

The presence or absence of other benefits


For the latter, this is actually the most important thing. Because what it means is we have a cashback credit card but it can’t be used in many places. Even if it has a large benefit in terms of the percentage, it must be known that some cash back credit cards also have limitations in terms of usage limits, sometimes some are not accepted by certain merchants.

Recognizing the five basic things before applying for a cashback credit card is important. Because then we will have enough stock before applying for a cashback credit card.

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