‘Fresh Graduate Employees’ Also Need to Have a Credit Card, Why?

After graduating from college and getting a job right away, you are referred to as a ‘ fresh graduate employee’. When you start working and get a salary, a sense of excitement is sure to come because you don’t need to stand by your parents.

After receiving a salary, that means it’s time you are able to become a financially independent person. You must be able to manage your own finances. Because managing your own finances is a must.

To start learning to manage finances, it doesn’t hurt if you use a credit card. You can use a credit card because it will easily control your finances, even with a credit card, expenses will be recorded clearly and well.

Easier to Monitor and Manage Expenditures

Easier to Monitor and Manage Expenditures

Understandably, when it comes to managing financial matters, it is still an awkward thing for a fresh graduate employee, because it is not a normal activity.

Generally, these fresh graduate employees are still more focused on a lifestyle that is quite wasteful when moving to the workforce. Always want to treat friends or just hang out in a cafe.

But financial independence is a must when you already have your own income. Now, with a credit card, actually, you can monitor expenses that sometimes become out of control because the spending history just goes away.

With a credit card, every transaction that has been done will be recorded or printed on the billing statement every month. So if there is excessive use, it will definitely be discovered. This is what will make you think twice about acting the same as the previous month at a later date. Because you will easily make expenditure items in the future.

Easily Set aside Money to Add Savings

Easily Set aside Money to Add Savings

This credit card transaction is non-cash (cashless). Because credit cards are only used for a certain number of transactions without additional costs. Of course, if you pay the full amount of the alias does not pay the minimum and there are no arrears, so you are not charged transaction fees and fines.

Thus, monthly needs transactions can use the credit card and you can add savings. Because with a credit card, you will usually find a cashback promo (cashback), and you can collect it to become a personal saving. Favorable, right?

Many Enjoy Promotions Including Getting Cheap Prices

It’s no stranger to many credit card issuers offering various promos through collaboration with merchants. Not a few, products and services offered at prices that are much cheaper than purchases without a credit card alias cash only.

So do not be surprised if the credit card is actually a place to get attractive promos. Unmitigated, promos that are often offered from transactions using credit cards are almost there throughout the month and every month, even.

Promos offered from transactions using credit cards vary, ranging from discounts or discounts to tens of percent, as well as cashback promos for certain transactions.

Simplify and Save Traveling Costs


The fresh graduates of the millennial era certainly can not be separated from the habit whose name is to adventure somewhere. Traveling as if it can not be separated from the mandatory agenda carried out, whether it’s once a month or once a few months.

Unmitigated, the tour carried out was not only limited to domestic but also abroad. Well, if you already have a credit card, then you can get a lot of conveniences.

The convenience offered from credit cards for hobbies traveling starts from buying plane tickets online, booking hotels at the destination, and conducting financial transactions in the destination country. If credit card promos are often quite interesting, so they can save on travel costs.

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